Birthday Month Gift's

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The Polish Swap Birthday Group

I was lucky enough to be part of a Birthday Swap group....We started back in June 2012, so Ive had a agonising 8 month wait for my month which was March 2013 but it finally came around and wow what a awesome month...all the waiting was worth it.

I wanted to thank the ladies in my group who took the time to send me some pretty sweet gifts, i appreciated all the effort you put in and here are some of the goodies i got.

See how awesome my girls are....Thank you for making my Birthday month a great one.
Rachel, Amy, Danielle, Crystal, Dana, Desire, Dema, Ssimona,Feliciana, Kelly and Molly


  1. Oh wow you received some great gifts. Aren't birthday groups great...and addictive? I miss mine but I loved the group I was in.

    1. Yeah i had a great month.....i ran the Birthday group so it wasnt as fun for me as it is for those who just take was hard work but we made it through lol

  2. this is such a cute blogger layout i like it because its different to everyone else's!



    1. Thank you Jessie....i do my own a website designer and do a lot of blogs for payment in nail polish lol.