Nails Inc - Tate & BarryM Red Glitter

I had my Christmas nails planned for almost 2 months, sadly i didn't get to do what i wanted, see my Granddad passed away on the 17th of December, and his Funeral was on the 23rd of December so I've had other things n my mind other then my nails.

I didn't want to keep the Black on that id pained my nails in for the Funeral, and my Grandad used to love seeing my nails as i had a different colour on each time i visited him lol so to not of done anything with them would of disappointed him.

Ii did a quick manicure on Christmas Eve, i used Nails Inc in Tate as a base and BarryM Red Glitter on top and i have to admit i love the Glitter, lol many of you that know me will know i hate glitter, so to find one i liked is a surprise even for me..

Sorry for the crappy way my nails look ......i filed them after i painted them and i didn't clean them up as well as i normally do ...oooopps

R.I.P Grandad i loved you more then i ever showed you, but then i know you knew that.


  1. This is so pretty!! I'm sorry for your loss. I lost mine in September it's been hard. I love you're blog by the way!!

  2. Your nails are so christmassy! My condolences,dear. So sweet! I wish my grandfather would notice my different coloured nails. Least your grandfather managed to see you grow up! I hope my grandpa lives long enough to see me graduate from college and all. :)

  3. Love this polish. I have been eyeing it up for a while. Might have to get it after seeing this.
    I've just done a BarryM nail effects post check it out:

    Very sorry for your loss!

  4. My condolences!! I hope you're doing fine now. I love Barry M. Barry M never fails. I hope this red add sparkles to your mood. =)