Catrice - Lost In Mud

Ive wanted this polish for a while now, and thanks to a great lady called Ruth i now have it, for some reason I'm getting in to this kind of shade more and more and its a hard shade to name lol some say its a medium brown creme, personally id say a mushroom/Taupe colour but it also has a grey undertone to it.

I've seen a few bloggers say its a dupe to Particuliere by Chanel and yes OK i can see why,  I dont have it to compare them but seeing other images i think they are close in colour but to me i think Particuliere is darker, but not by much.....i also think there would be a lot of polishes with a shade like it in their collection, but if you cant get Catrice where you are and don't have a friend like Ruth to get it for you then you would be able to find an alternative easily, like OPI over the Taupe or even Essie Mink Muffin

I normally do a full hand shot when taking my photos, and i did take the photo, i just cant find it so I'm sorry there is no full hand shot but the photos below still show how lovely it is.


  1. This is such a gorgeous colour! *lust*

  2. There's no Catrice in Singapore but I wish they have! This color is so pretty!