Splatter Mani.

After painting my nails with NYC Pinstripe White, i got board after a couple days and decided to funk it up, I've been wanting to try a splatter look Mani for a while but with out the mess, so i used a Stamping Plate, the plate isn't a named one so i cant even tell you what number it is, but i do believe Konad has a paint splat template I'm not sure though so don't hold me to that....but i was super pleased with how this turned out, i wore it for over 10 days and will try it again with different colours.......................Oh i did add some sparkle over the top but its not showing up, my camera doesn't seem to like sparkly things lol


  1. nice! this is really cute gonna try it soon :)

  2. This is great!! I would love to see some tutorial for this :))

  3. OMG i love it ART' nails <3
    you're so creative