NCY - Pinstripe White

White nail polish for me just doesn't work, i can never get it to look neat, i spend so much time trying to clean up around my cuticles i get annoyed and remove it, but this polish  i bought  from NYC called Pinstripe White might of just change my mind, it wasn't a thin polish that needed many coats i used 2 coats and it covered perfectly, i was impressed with the polish considering its not a overly priced one, i bought a few other colours from NYC so I'm just hoping they impress me the same.

So if your looking for a white nail polish id recommend this one if your like me and stay away from white because you cant get it to look tidy.


  1. Oh this is a nice White, you really do suit white Kelly.

  2. Oooh, not many people can carry off a white mani but this looks fabulous on you! :) xx