My Breaking Dawn nails.

So the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn opened in the Cinema, Ive had tickets booked for 3 weeks ago, i wanted to go on the opening night but my sister was working and we had to book for Saturday for 5 of us, my mum, sister, nephew and his friend and me, of course i had to do my nails for the event lol, i didn't have much time so kinda rushed it and it didn't turn out as neat as i knew i could do it, but i thought heck no one will see if because it will be dark lol

Mistakes i made was painting all my nail Black, i should of just painted it half way from the cuticle because when i added the red to the tips, the black was hard to cover so it peaked through at the very top of my tip, but IL remember that for next time, also the red isn't as intense as it looks, the flash on my camera made it look super bright...

Looking at the photos i don't like how it looks :-(  this is why i don't normally do designs, cuz i suck at them no pun intended.


  1. That's cute .... I love that red

  2. love this!! I've always wanted to try this

  3. These look great! Don't beat yourself up :)

  4. told you, you're very creative
    loving this one