Jesses Girl - JulieG Collection - Siletto

I didn't think id ever be saying this, but I've found a polish colour from Jesses Girl that i like more then their Glee shade, I'm so in love with this colour, its Stiletto from a special limited collection called the JulieG Collection.

It actually went on and dried a little darker then it is in the bottle, i don't know how to explain the shade, maybe a mushroom colour? i don't know, what do you think? oh no maybe taupe yeahhhh that's more like it.

I applied 2 good think layers of the polish, it goes on so well such a please to work with, the brush is awesome the photos below actually had no clean up, that's how well it is to work with the brush and the lid.

I have 3 other polished I'm dying to try on, but I'm so in love with this colour i think IL wear it a few more days till i have to remove it lol

If you would like to check them out you can visit them at their site Jesses Girl Cosmetic or on Face book HERE Let them know i sent you xx


  1. This was the only one I had to have it's beautiful on you.

  2. Awwww Thank you.....i dont normally care is a colour suites my skin tone but i have to say this one actually does.

  3. Hi hun, this colour is so pretty! Not a colour I would go for but I definitely look out for something similar :)
    I get my W7 polish from Faith Cosmetics - they've gone up to £1.99 now and they don't have the new planet ones yet, but the shipping is still free and it's super fast too. I once ordered from them at 4pm and had my package at 9am the next morning. Hope that helps x

  4. Sorry, link would be helpful!