Thursday Haul...

I had a HUGE Nail polish haul yesterday.......Every thing below, i bought Tripple of....your probably thinking "hmmm why did she buy all this 3 times over" well this is why lol

There is one lot for me to use and keep, second lot is for me to add to my swap list (for me to get other goodies from over seas that dont have access to these brand) and the third lot is for a BarryM Give away im having when i reach 300 followers ;-) so keep an eye out for that.

NEW from GOSH......Mini Bottles called OH MY Gosh  i tried to grab all the colours but some where sold out so i grabbed what was left, there is 20 to the collection and are £2.99

Baby Blue - Cobolt Blue - Classic Red - Orange Squash - Bright Yellow - Brown Grey - Apple Green - Mouse Grey - Red Noir

BarryM.... Red Glitter - Grey - Fuchsia - Navy -  Cobolt Blue - Mushroom

BarryM Nail effects - White Forest - Blue Print - Pink Fizz - Purple Rain - Gold Glitter [new]

GOSH - Silver - Gold - Black Passion - Minty

Technic Carnival
 Technics - Black - Shimmer Blue.

Thats 93 bottle of nail polish eeeekkkkkk


  1. Wowza, oh i see a couple, well more then a couple il be looking out for on your swap list, i think that's your best haul yet,

  2. Awesome haul! If you are interested in doing a swap for the mini Goshs send me a message and maybe we can work something out.

  3. great haul!!!! i love the Barry M's!!! I need more!!