OPI Designer Series - Signature

I know I'm probably one of the last people to have this, but this is my first ever OPI Designer Series Polish, The only reason i don't own any is because i didn't like the price, and as i only ever seem to wear a polish once i try not to buy anything to expenses.

I got this one is a swap with my friend Raquel, she kindly offered to send it to me as i didn't own any, i looked up swatches and when i seen it was a pink i thought i might not like it because i go for darker colour's, but WOW I'm so pleased i have it.

The polish goes on like a dream, I painted my nails so fast because it was so easy to work with,  it dried really quickly, but then i feel all holographic polish dried quickly,  i done 2 layers which i thought was enough, but after i took the first photos, i realised it needed another coat, so 3 coats in total, depending on how light or dark you want it, because with each layer it does get darker.... how ever I wasn't to impressed with the length of time it lasted, i had to keep filling in chips in just after 2 days.

Its a conservative colour one for those who don't like in your face colour, or maybe you work somewhere that you cant wear bright shades, how ever the Holo in this still gives it that little wow factor and fun.


  1. That is very pretty!

  2. Looks so pretty on you! I love holos!

  3. Gorgeous color!

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  4. I love OPI DS Collection. This is so gorgeous! :)