Guest Post: Brought to you by packerlacquer

Hello! My name is Stephanie. Kellie invited me to do a guest post for her and I was so flattered! I wanted to try and do something special for you all.

This week there has been a lot of talk in my Facebook groups about Frankens. A franken is a homemade polish, the name came from everyone's favorite movie monster Frankenstein, and let me tell you we have some amazing frankeners out there if you are looking for unique polishes.

I have chosen to show you a polish from Amanda at Nerd Lacquer. It is called "It’s Just a Flesh Wound" and you can find it HERE.

 This is one of those polishes that you may not look twice at in the bottle but the name should catch your eye. Once you put this polish on you will be hooked, it is the most amazing brown jelly with little bits of silver and red glitter along with a few bigger pieces of silver and red.

There are also a few large silver hexes thrown in for good measure. Application is a dream, I had full opacity in two coats for these pictures. Now on to the good stuff!

The first two pictures are in natural light and the last two are with flash. You can see the sparkle in this polish that really isn't that obvious in the bottle shot.

So if you are looking for something unique and different, or you are a geek at heart, look up Amanda at NerdLacquer at Etsy. You won't be sorry, International shipping is available.

Thanks so much to Kellie for letting me visit. See you soon!


  1. Looks awesome! Great description and info too! Ur blog is looking good Kellie :)

  2. Those Photos are awesome, and you gotta love the name, i like reading guest post, and this one didn't disappoint, i bet its a bitch to take of though. ;-O

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