Another Swap with Ruth xx

Here i am with anouther great Swap with Ruth.....She never fails to impress me, and adds little extras that i love, Thank you Ruth xxxxx

We both wanted a couple of Jesses Girl Older Polish, which they where having a sale on, but once its gone it wont be made again so Ruth Placed the order as it was cheaper to send to Spain then the UK and then she sent it on to me.....

Jessesd Girl  - Gun Metal andf North Star

Catrice - Drama Queen and Wood You Follow Me

Essence - Vampire Love Collection - Gold Old Buffy and The Dawn is Broken

This is my First Flormar, Ruth has mentioned them before and ive looked up swatches but never got her to buy me any so im excited to try this it, if i like it il probebly get some more.

Essence Diamond Powder strengthener - 50's Girl You're a Heart Breaker ands Flormar U31

Thank you Ruth xxx

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  1. I'm so glad you like everything Kellie, enjoy!! And thanks again for the polishes you sent, I love them all too!! ♥