China Glaze - Tronica Gamer Glam

I only own one of the Tronica's which is Hologram and i wanted a few more so when my  friend Samina was having a sale over at her blog  and i seen she had some Tronicas i went for a peak........The one i wanted had gone (Techno Teal) so i picked this one and I'm so glad i did, i love it, how ever i don't like the application of these polishes, they go on so patchy, mainly i think because they dry so fast, and i was left with many bald spots and it took 4 good thick layers to make hide them, but once id managed to do that i really did love it.

I was expecting a strong linear holo but Gamer Glam’s holo is there but only slightly visible in direct sunlight, but it has such a pretty shimmer to it, i didn't really mind the lack of holo, and its has made it way to my "Love List"

Id like to add  more to my collection, especially the Techno Teal, Virtual Violet and maybe Cyberspace, so if you have them and would like to do a swap with me, please let me know.


  1. Good choice getting that one. It looks great!

  2. Oh sweet, i thought you didn't like purple, i think you should like it more because you suit it so much, your nails rock BTW