OPI - Bronzed To Perfection

After trying 4 times to get this polish (all the others broke during postage) my friend Wendy kindly replaced it for me, it came last week and i cleaned off my polish to try it straight away, at first i though hmmmm its not as copper as i had originally remembered so i went looking for a photo i took of a broken bottle i had and i was right, the ones i had got before where almost deep copper/reddish but the one i got of Wendy was a orange/Brown (the one below) so it got me wondering if there was 2 OPI Bronzed to perfection and i went on a search, but nope there was only 1 from the he OPI South Beach Collection released on 2009, i looked up swatches and to me there seems to be 2 different ones?  Copperish red and a Caramelish brown.....if anyone knows why can you tell me lol.


  1. Wow this is stunning!! I may need to get me some of this! Do me a favor-can you disable your word verification? My poor old eyes can't see the letters!