Essence 50's Girl - You're a Heart Breaker & Holo Top coat

Its been a short while since i posted to my blog, mainly because i made a huge mistake or pushing back my cuticles then trimming the skin off and i made a right mess, also after i done it the skin around my fingers started to peel, so mental note to myself, Do not cut trim your Cuticle skin Kellie.

So on to my post, to day I'm wearing Essence 50's Girl You're a Heart Breaker, my friend Ruth sent it to me a while ago and I've never gotten around to using it, but while i was organising my stash i came across it and thought ohhh IL try this one tomorrow, so here it is.

The polish went on like a dream, this is 3 coats, it didn't need 3 but my nails have been a little week lately so i added a extra layer for good measure, the colour in the photo is true to life, and i really so like it, IL deffo be wearing it again.

Because the sun has finally woken from its winter rest, i thought id give the Holo top coat i got and WOW Badda Bing Badda Boom, im in love with how it looks.


  1. Wow that holo topcoat makes it super droolable

  2. That essence polish is a fabulous retro colour. I love it.

  3. So gorgeous, but that holo topcoat... Jeeeezz it's pretty!

  4. Ugh...I've been lemming this polish so bad. And with the blue holo! There's not enough drool in the world...