Lilypad Laquer - Berry Beautiful

Ive heard lots of great things about Lilypad Lacquer and i was eager to try it, but which do you choose? there is so many awesome shades and to choose one was a hard task, but i kept going back to this one, it made the short list and after looking at swatches i decided that this was the one i wanted.

I didn't use it straight away because my nails were short and i wasn't happy with them and i wanted to wear the polish when my nails were at a nice length.

So Berry Beautiful is a chocolate brown that kind of shifts between a Copper/Bronze/Gold colour with a scattered holo effect, those that know me know i love scattered holos, i much prefer them to the full on in your face holo.....and this fits that category.

Ive heard it been compared to Enchanted Polish's Autumn, but i personally think this one is prettier it have more holo in it...

Berry Beautiful to me was a little watery or thin, so it took a few layers to get it as opaque as id liked, but once i had it to the desired opaqueness (is that even a word lol) i was happy with it....because it did layer very didn't end up looking all think on my nails.

It dried faster then i expected with 4 layers on it, and dried to a nice finish, i really do want to own more Lilypad Lacquer and I'm waiting on a group Custom so I'm excited for that and will be back with swatches.

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