Avon color Trend - Soft Violet

Ive had this polish for a while, i bought i due to the price and the fact it said it was limited, then when i got it i realised it was a matte polish, and well matte does not play well with my nails, it peels off me in one go in about an hour after i use it, but i thought id just top coat it like i do with all the Matter polish i have (Which isn't much)

I started off with a base coat by Seche.....that was a mistake, the polish just didn't want to go on, it had more bald spots then my boyfriend and that's a lot lol (sorry Kevin) i got frustrated and cleaned it all off because i couldn't get it to look smooth, but i tried again because i was going out that night and my top was a purple so i wanted my nails to match.....

The second time i had better luck, i didn't put a base coat on and i had no balding when i applied it, as always with matte polish it dried fast, and was touch dry in less then 5 minutes......for once it didn't peel of me and i was in love with how it looked.

For £1.50 from Avon id say that was a great deal, my only complaint is the bottles are small but for the price i guess i shouldn't be complaining.