Pick me up Haul.

So my Boyfriend never knows what to gift me on special occasions like Christmas and my Birthday, so he normally just gives me money, this year i decided id keep hold of it and when i could, id put towards to buy a new Kindle Fire because the one i have is so over used its time to get a newer one (Love my Kindle Fire) how ever I've had a lot of personal things happen of late that i wont go into but i needed a HUGE pick me up and my go to for that is Nail Polish so i decided what the heck IL just spend the money Kevin gave me, so off i went in to town and here is what i came home with.

BarryM Aquarium Collection - Treasure Chest - Pacific
 Mediterranean - Caspian - Arabian - Mermaid
I thought i was missing 2 but after looking on line it seems I'm not and i do have them all.
Look how petty they are closer up.
 Above photo source Strawberry Blonde Beauty Blog

Claire's -  Ferris Wheel - Dizzy - Sequins
I'm also or late been in to the big chunky toppers, and i seen the middle one on line and i needed to get it, but my Clairs didnt update there polish and only had old separated dusty polish, but today when i passed by i seen a new display with new polish and yey they had the Neon topper i wanted.

Maybelline Crystallize Rose Chic & Red Excess (Textured)
Maybelline Street Artist - White Splatter & Boom box black

 Loreal - Sequin explosion - Blue Reef - Beige Countess - Parisian Rooftops

Jess - Mink Coat - Hot Date - All Rock  that Jazz - Rock Chic - Atomic
Ive never seen or heard of "Jess" nail polish but i spotted these is Pound Land, so for just £1 i thought it was worth having a look at them, and there was a large selection but only these ones caught my eye.

BarryM Matte - Vanilla & Caramel

Bourjoir Matt Top coat



  1. I was surprised how much I liked Dizzy, very colourful!

    1. OMG i have wanted it for SO long, i got a little to excited for a grown women when i see my local Claires actually had it..it will look awesome over white.

  2. These colours look fab! I must stay away from the shops this weekend or else I'll end up bringing these home with me!!