Secret Polish Santa Package arrived.

One of the nail groups im in done a Secret Polish Santa, (SPS) my package didn't arrive for the dead line of December 1st, but that wasn't any ones fault, well yeah it was it was the postage service, because they returned my package to the sender....Because everyone else had got their presents, it didn't take much for me to figure out my sps was, and it was Courtni

I felt bad that Courtni had to resend it because i  know for a package of that size postage isn't cheap and it was the Holidays so i felt bad  for her, but bless her cotton socks she resent it, and i go it today, it was so worth the wait, i had swooned over the color club foil collection, and desperately wanted it, and Courtni kindly sent me it, so I'm very thankful.

She also added a few extra goodies, A cute note pad with my initial on it along with a metal decoration tag with the Letter K, (which will make a great book mark) she also sent me some Laffy Taffy, now i know I'm on Insulin but i do allow myself a treat now and again and as i lurrvvvv Laffy Taffy il defiantly enjoy it.

Thank you SO much Courtni, you did a great job at choosing for me and il enjoy my new polish xxxx