W7 Purple Paradise.

W7 Nail Polish is relatively cheap here in the UK, and when you try it i swear you will love it....They have a good selection of colours, and to me its better then most expensive brands you can buy, it reminds me of OPI, mainly due to the bottle shape, the brush is perfect and easy to work with, its a great formula, and takes 1 - 2 coats for a perfect coverage........

Ive never had any problem with this polish and its becoming one of my favourite to the point I'm getting a good collection of it.

Please forgive the tip wear 
I took these photos about 5 days after putting it,  i got side tracked after i first painted them so didn't get to take my photos straight away like i normally do.....oh and can i just add the when you go out with this on it shifts in colour, i cant really explain it, but its beautiful

I was plating about with the glitters i have and i liked how this looked, i tipped it with Essence Twin Louise.


  1. It's gorgeous on its own but looks even better with the glitter!! Did you apply it with the brush or did you sponge it Kellie?

    1. The photos make it look like a normal purple, but it has so much more depth to it in person, i just couldn't catch the colour shift in it....it Kinda has a dark redish tinge to it.

      No i used the brush, when i got it off you the brush was all bent so and stuck up, but i sort of stippled it on.

  2. Very vampy, extremely cute. And I concur, the glitters make the color pop!

  3. Ahh that's so nice, and loving the glitter too! :]

  4. yasmina fleur de jasmin22 January 2012 at 00:55

    tres belle couleur