My Swap with Raquel

I got my self a new "Swap" Buddie lol........Raquel was my SPS Receiver (Secret Santa Polish), she was happy with what i had sent her and asked if i wanted to do a swap with her once Christmas and new year was over, i only really have 1 person i swap with and that's my friend Ruth, so i was happy to say yes to a swap. 

Raquel had great taste in polish, she likes the same colours as me,  well she likes Purple more then i do lol, but she likes darker rather then light shades like me.

I'm very very happy with what she sent me....This is an awesome swap, she was so kind and picked perfectly for me, i can say she Nailed it (pun intended lol)  i now own my first ever OPI Designer Series and will keep it close to my heart.

Thank you so my for our swap Raquel, it was a pleasure and i know we will go on to have more swap in the future.

China Glaze - C-C-Courage - Ingrid  - Near Dark

 Finger Paint Flakies - Twisted - Asylum - Flecked

Color Club - Naughtycal - After Hours
 Hard Candy - Essence Movie Star & Just Rock It - Orly Le Chateau - Zoya Pasha -Sally Girl Glitter
 OPI DS - Signature

Revlon - Steel Her Heart

Its not often i come across Revlon where i live, but while waiting for a Dentist appointment that i was an hour too soon for, i had to put in some time so rather then site in the office i went for a look around i went in this little nothing special shop and on a dusty shelf i found a few UN loved Revlon polishes for £0.30 so i picked up this one called "Steel Her Heart" i like grey kinda gun metal colours so i tried it as soon as i got back home.

I like the colour, love the way it made my nails look too.....but I'm not sure if i like the polish its self, if you get me, i found it to be a very thin almost watery formula, I'm not sure if all Revlon is like that but it put me off, i had to put 3 layers on till i was happy with it.

I also found it didnt harden up my nails like other nails still felt very fragile and bendy, unlike with others they harden up and feel strong....i don't think il be rushing out to hunt down Revlon polish, I'm not saying i hated it, and i probably will use it again but it wouldn't ever make it on to my fave brand list.

W7 Purple Paradise.

W7 Nail Polish is relatively cheap here in the UK, and when you try it i swear you will love it....They have a good selection of colours, and to me its better then most expensive brands you can buy, it reminds me of OPI, mainly due to the bottle shape, the brush is perfect and easy to work with, its a great formula, and takes 1 - 2 coats for a perfect coverage........

Ive never had any problem with this polish and its becoming one of my favourite to the point I'm getting a good collection of it.

Please forgive the tip wear 
I took these photos about 5 days after putting it,  i got side tracked after i first painted them so didn't get to take my photos straight away like i normally do.....oh and can i just add the when you go out with this on it shifts in colour, i cant really explain it, but its beautiful

I was plating about with the glitters i have and i liked how this looked, i tipped it with Essence Twin Louise.

Avon - Carnival Collection.

Avon have a new collection, called The Carnival Collection, i wanted to get them all, but limited myself to 2 bottle this time and il get the other in my next order, i think I'm in love with the Blue one its just so wow in real life.....I cant seem to find anything about the collection on line, i thought maybe i got the collection  name wrong, but i checked my book, and i was right, so I'm not sure why there isn't any information on them?

Secret Polish Santa Package arrived.

One of the nail groups im in done a Secret Polish Santa, (SPS) my package didn't arrive for the dead line of December 1st, but that wasn't any ones fault, well yeah it was it was the postage service, because they returned my package to the sender....Because everyone else had got their presents, it didn't take much for me to figure out my sps was, and it was Courtni

I felt bad that Courtni had to resend it because i  know for a package of that size postage isn't cheap and it was the Holidays so i felt bad  for her, but bless her cotton socks she resent it, and i go it today, it was so worth the wait, i had swooned over the color club foil collection, and desperately wanted it, and Courtni kindly sent me it, so I'm very thankful.

She also added a few extra goodies, A cute note pad with my initial on it along with a metal decoration tag with the Letter K, (which will make a great book mark) she also sent me some Laffy Taffy, now i know I'm on Insulin but i do allow myself a treat now and again and as i lurrvvvv Laffy Taffy il defiantly enjoy it.

Thank you SO much Courtni, you did a great job at choosing for me and il enjoy my new polish xxxx

My Bare Stained Nails.

A few people have asked me what my bare nails look like, and i always shy away from those questions, especially when someone asked to see them eeeekkkkkk but im being brave and here they are, as you can see they are stained, not have as pretty as when they are painted, and there is no way id go out anywhere with them naked and looking this way.

My index fingers always seem more stained, i use my index finger more so get a lot of crap under it more then others so thats why its the worst, also i dont know why but they go white on the ends? my mums or Sisters dont do that, my sisters look see through lol but thats what she gets for years of damage from where stick on fales.

Anyway ive given up on trying to clean them, ive tried everything and nothing works, well for me it doesn't, so unless i cut them off they will always be stained which is OK because il always have my nails painted lol