Asda - George LE - Denim Effect

I shop in Asda every week, yet I've never seen Nail polish for sale there apart from Rimmel, I have heard that George do have a polish range, yet I've never seen it for sale in the one i shop, shame cuz id probably clean them out.

How ever i was browsing the deodorant isle and on the end i seen a new display for George Denim Effect polish its Limited Edition for £3.00 so i had to get me some, There was a Blue Denim and a Black Denim.

The polish has a Suede effect, dried matte with a silver undertone to it, when i applied it,  i messed dries super fast so i ended up with balding, so i had to take it off and start again and noticed it went on easier with no patching if you didn't use a under coat.....and id say you could get away with one coat.

This for me is deffo a dupe for Nails inc Bermondsey Denim Effect, maybe not as textured, but Nails inc is £12, Asda was £3 so it will do for me.

I cant wear polish with out having to topcoat it, but if you like that matte look then this is one to consider if your on a budget. 

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