Nelly Polish - First Dried Polsh.

As we know the international postage rules are killing the nail polish community, all those awesome, indies that cant be sent to you i know is upsetting :( its hurting people home made business but along comes a very clever lady names Hilary.....let me explain a little more.

Hilary of Nelly Polish may of just single handily worked out a way to ship Indie polish with out breaking the laws....Hilary put her chemistry education to good use and had come up with the first ever Dried polish you might be thinking hmmmm i don't get it? 

Well its so simple I'm surprised it hasn't been done before......Hilary mixes all the right amount of ingredient, You glitters, your colour pigment and suspension powered, to make your polish, all you need to do is a clear polish and shake it like you mean it lol.....What you get is a Jelly based polish.

Personally i think this is a genius idea, you can purchase Nellys Dried polish either measured out in a polish bottle or you can choose to just buy in a packet and use your own bottles.....and of course the price will varie depending on which method you go for, obviously the packed polish power will be cheaper as you are not getting a bottle.

Nelly was kind enough to send me some testers, she sent me 2 but today il reviewing Gumpas....A creamy oatmeal colour base with tiny black and white glitters with a green larger glitter to give it some sass.....

 Nelly send you an instruction card so you cant go wrong

 A shot of the powder

I made a paper funnel to pour in my clear but it wasn't a great ides, so i ended up just pouring it direct, it was much easier that was.....

Its best to start slow and little...i pour in half the clear and shook it, and topped it up as i felt needed....but Nelly says you should use 10ml of clear polish.

After i added the clear i shook for all it was worth lol.....I'm not that strong so i couldn't shake the dried polish from the corner so i used a orange stick to make sure i mixed it all in....

I wanted to check the suspension of the polish before dived in and used it so i left it for 48 hours and even though it did sink badly,as you can see from the photo below.... there was a little sink-age, but with a shake it did mix back up very easy.

Nellys polish dries to a satin matte look, so Hilary suggests you add a top coat to get a shiny look

This is actually 4 layers, i have REALLY white tips so you can still see my tips a little, but i didn't mind that, it went on well, and dries fast so you can quickly get on adding a second layer....
the glitter spreads out good, you get enough of the glitter on your first layer and don't need to pick for the larger ones....but if you want a more full colour, id suggest you layer this over a similar shade....

The below photos are took with a flash


The below are taking in natural day light.

So what do you think? a hit or a miss????

The advantages of the Nelly Polish mixture are many:

1. it's cheaper for you to buy (especially if you have some clear varnish knocking around)

2. it's cheaper to ship to you (especially if you want just the sachets)

3. it's safe and perfectly legal to transport world-wide (no illegal solvents, no risks)

4. it's more ecological (solvent, like most liquids, is heavy so air-miles are saved not shipping it)

what's not to like?

If you want to see and know more, please visit Nelly Polish either at her website here -

Or you can visit her Etsy site Here -

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