Jesses Girl - Crushed Candy

Crushed Candy  if from the Jesse's Girl Julie G Gumdrops collections, the polish is a textured polish with a sparkle to it, now if you haven't tried Textured polish, let me tell you it apply very different from regular polish, to me it apply's easier, but that's just my option...but this went on like a dream, i had no mess and no clean up and it drys SUPER fast with no patches like some Textured polish.

I think the best thing about this polish is how long it lasts, i wore this for just under 2 weeks....i was being lazy and had no inspiration to change my polish so this was a good choice, because its textured i found when it did chip it filled in so flawless, you couldn't tell because the texture of it made it look like there was never a chip there.....also any tip wear was easy to conceal to and my nails looked freshly polished every day.....out of all Textured polish i have to say the gumdrops collection is perfect.



  1. This is so pretty!! O_O
    I am a new blog follower :D

  2. I have this collection and I have yet to swatch it. I can't wrap my head around not using topcoat; I think that's what stopping me. Good to know that they actually do last without topcoat.