Fridays Poll

1. How has your week been so far? It wasnt all that great until today, Friday has been the best day, Polish wise, i won a give away and got awesome nail mail.

2. What’s on yo nails? Essence Twins Bella & Edward

3. What was your worst nail polish related accident (ie: spills, bottle breaks)? This happend this week, my mum got me a new bottle of Acetone and i didnt close it right and it spilled in side my poliksh box, it took all the lables off my bottle and i have a pack of battries in there and it actually melted them, so my polish colection was covered in acetone and batteriy acid.

4. Out of all the products you use in the summertime, which ones do you love the scent of the most? I cant think of the name of it, its from Avon its smells all tropical, you can spay it in your hair and on your body and is just so yummy.

5. If you could move anywhere in the world, where would you move to? Amercia, preferable somewhere that have every polish for sale lol

6. What is your favorite part of painting your nails? When ive cleaned them up and i did a great job lol

7. What is your least favorite part of painting your nails? Cleaning off my old polish....urgh especially if is a glitter.

8. What type of mp3 player do you have? I dont have one.

9. How often do you paint your toe nails? Sadly not often, i can leave my toes for winter until summer comes around.

10. What was your first job? A packer in a Fish Factory urgh i hated it.

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