Polish Fixation - Teal Toes Giveaway.


This is a cause close to my heart so i wanted to do a Blog post on it and not just add it to my side bar.

 Polish Fixation is having a Give away for "Teal Toes" to raise awareness for Ovarian Cancer, now as i said this is close to my heart, ive know 2 ladies in my life who have had this , Dodie kicked its butt and is doing well the other Steph, sadly her journey has just began and me, i suffer from PCOS and get checked every 3 months to see if the cysts on my ovaries have turned cancerous.

So please help raise awareness for Ovarian Cancer, you can either enter the give away of go to the Teal Toes site and read how to get involved.

Unfortunately They wont post to the UK, so i cant buy it of their site, that's why im entering this give away......but that doesn't mean you cant join in, any Teal coloured nail Polish will do as long as you tell people what its all about xxx

Whoever wins this give-away will receive a bottle of Don't Teal My Heart Away, as well as a few Teal Toes business cards to pass out to help raise awareness.

And watch out for my post on Teal Toes month im hoping to collect lots of photos of the girls taking part.


  1. Thanks for posting this here! It's a great and important cause! And I will post to whoever wins, so I hope you have entered if you'd like to :)

  2. Oh wow this is so cool awww thank you so much Erika xx

  3. One of the UK based charities, Ovacome, did a "Teal Tips" campaign last March (March is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month in the UK) in conjunction with the UK distributor of OPI. They used "Ski Teal We Drop" for the campaign. Check with Ovacome about 2012!

    Everyone should feel free to post photos to the Teal Toes Facebook page as well! (www.facebook.com/tealtoes)

  4. Oh, and, as Kellie well knows (or she will as soon as the package gets there), I can send Teal Toes cards to the UK-- it is just more complicated with customs forms and all. Diamond can't send the polish internationally because of restrictions on airmail for polish.

  5. Wow well done Kellie, and i guess it doesn't matter what month it is i think Awareness should be raised all year round.

  6. Ohhhhh thank you SO much awwwww thank you for sending them out to me....your very kind and i appreciate that more then i can show xx