Rimmel Lycra Pro Hot List

 Rimmel Lycra Pro Hot List

Ive had this for a while but it got buried amongst the all my other polish, when i had a little tidy up and organized my polish i seen it and though oh i forgot i had that and i don't know how because its one id been meaning to wear as soon as i bought it and i remember how close it was to BarryM Dark Mauve in fact id say they were pretty identical deffo a Dupe........its a kind of brownish shade, but with a little pinkish tone through it changes depending what light you look at it in as you can see from the photos i took, it looks like a normal plain shade in the day light but once the sun hits it, it changes, the closet i can get to the sun is the flash on my camera lol 

A lot of people say Rimmel polish isn't to good but i disagree, if you apply 2 coats with a good top coat such as SV then it can out last the more expensive quality polishes out there, it goes on well, you can normally get away with just one coat depending one the colour and like i said with a good top coat it can last well.

The Lycra Pro is said to last 10 days with a professional finish and it does just that.....Don't forget to check out my Give away as im given a bottle of this away.

 Natural light

 Camera Flash

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