My Mani for Annie...Mwah, luvs ya xxxx

First id like to say, my  nails looks terrible here, id tried to shape them and it was a major fail....i cut way to short then filing them took more off and well lets say i just made a pigs ear of it lol

Id been having such a crappy week, id been ill for longer then id liked with stomach pain and i was feeling ugh, i was broke and the stupidest thing to do when I'm feeling sorry for myself and broke is look on eBay, id had my eye on this for a while after seeing other swatches of it, i liked the neutral colour with the red in it, i though it was very pretty and i wanted it.....there was only 2 left for sale on eBay and my lovely friend Annie said she would buy it for me and she made a sick girl happy......I've been meaning to add these photos a while, but i was ill for another week and a half after i received the polish so I'm only getting to it now.

It looked so different on my nails then it did in other photos id seen, i applied 3 layers to get a good coverage, the red bits in it did show up as well id hoped, but i still loved it.

Thank you so much Annie, i really appreciated you buying it for me, I'm so pleased i got to tick this of my wish list....

OPI You're a Doll 

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