Polish Fixation - Teal Toes Giveaway.


This is a cause close to my heart so i wanted to do a Blog post on it and not just add it to my side bar.

 Polish Fixation is having a Give away for "Teal Toes" to raise awareness for Ovarian Cancer, now as i said this is close to my heart, ive know 2 ladies in my life who have had this , Dodie kicked its butt and is doing well the other Steph, sadly her journey has just began and me, i suffer from PCOS and get checked every 3 months to see if the cysts on my ovaries have turned cancerous.

So please help raise awareness for Ovarian Cancer, you can either enter the give away of go to the Teal Toes site and read how to get involved.

Unfortunately They wont post to the UK, so i cant buy it of their site, that's why im entering this give away......but that doesn't mean you cant join in, any Teal coloured nail Polish will do as long as you tell people what its all about xxx

Whoever wins this give-away will receive a bottle of Don't Teal My Heart Away, as well as a few Teal Toes business cards to pass out to help raise awareness.

And watch out for my post on Teal Toes month im hoping to collect lots of photos of the girls taking part.

Avon's Matte Polish - Inky Blue

So when you guys seen id bought some of the Avon Matte you seemed interested in what i thought, hmmmm well its PANTS, i hated everything about it and here is why, it dried so fast, OK so that's not a bad thing you might say but it is when it dries on the brush as your painting your nails.

  when you dipped in back in the polish and went to do a second layer you got all the dried clumps on your second layer, and dont get me stated on cleaning it up, as you can see i had a hard time and get frustrated and gave up....i knew i would be keeping it so i didn't want to spend d more time on the clean up and i was right, it was on less then 24 hours, i hated it..........

In the bottle it looked 100% different then it did on my nails, i was expecting the 2 tones to show through but they didnt, i got Blue and blue only.....

Anywho here are the photos, i ended up adding a glossy top coat....if i had to give it a score id say 3 out of 10, MAJOR disappointment, and i wouldn't recommend this to anyone, i might not of been so pissy with it if id got it on sale but i paid full price £6 and i cant return it because i used it.

Ding Dong Its the Avon Calling.

I bought 7 bottle of Avon polish id ordered them over 2 months ago and they came yesterday, il do a review on each one as i use them, il be starting off with the Inky Blue Matte as i was draw to it as soon as i opened the package.

Catrice Dirty Berry

Oh my Golly Golly Gosh, I've died and gone to Catrice heaven, Catrice Dirty Berry has to be the prettiest purple I've seen or own, its a kind of lilac/lavender with tint silver sparkly particles to it, dare i say kind of holo, well yeah in the right light, but it looks great no matter what light its in.

It went on just perfect, oh i do like a polish that does that, the formula is lush the brush perfect it dried super fast with out a top coat and i cant find one thing to complain about and well that's not like me lol, its just a perfect polish, no wonder its Catrices best seller, i own one more Catrice polish called Iron Mermaiden, but it didn't tickle mt fancy like this one did hehehe, its not readily available and i had to get this sent to me, but its so worth it, i wore the hell out of this and it lasted very well over 7 days i think i wore it and i have it on my toes and thats been there for over 3 weeks now lol so yeah its a must have.

Id love more of this brand so if you can get it easily and are willing to shop for me, let me know please. xxxx

Sorry about the heavy pic load, but i just couldn't stop taking photos of it lol

My Win from Cherry Glam Girl (Thank You Rachel)

Can you believe i actually won a Blog Give away from the lovely Rachel over at "Cherry Glam Girl" i was so excited because i have no Zoya in my collection, its just to pricey for me but i have 2 beautiful bottles of Charla which is a blue/green shimmer and Faye which is a Copper/Gold shimmer and OMG they are so pretty as you can see below......I was going to post about me winning the give away as soon as i won but then i thought id wait till i got my goodies, again Thank you Rachael xxxx

Fridays Poll

1. How has your week been so far? It wasnt all that great until today, Friday has been the best day, Polish wise, i won a give away and got awesome nail mail.

2. What’s on yo nails? Essence Twins Bella & Edward

3. What was your worst nail polish related accident (ie: spills, bottle breaks)? This happend this week, my mum got me a new bottle of Acetone and i didnt close it right and it spilled in side my poliksh box, it took all the lables off my bottle and i have a pack of battries in there and it actually melted them, so my polish colection was covered in acetone and batteriy acid.

4. Out of all the products you use in the summertime, which ones do you love the scent of the most? I cant think of the name of it, its from Avon its smells all tropical, you can spay it in your hair and on your body and is just so yummy.

5. If you could move anywhere in the world, where would you move to? Amercia, preferable somewhere that have every polish for sale lol

6. What is your favorite part of painting your nails? When ive cleaned them up and i did a great job lol

7. What is your least favorite part of painting your nails? Cleaning off my old polish....urgh especially if is a glitter.

8. What type of mp3 player do you have? I dont have one.

9. How often do you paint your toe nails? Sadly not often, i can leave my toes for winter until summer comes around.

10. What was your first job? A packer in a Fish Factory urgh i hated it.

Catrice - Iron Mermaiden

I got this polish from Lucia of Jewels and Nails its by Catrice, and hmmm well I'm not to sure, it reminded me of Essence where's the party but not as good, it took more layers to get a good decent cover on my nails, it looked more metallic then Where's the party but it still gave that cool duo chrome look, depending on which light and angle you had your hands it looked 2 different colours, in a bright light it looked a metallic purple, but in the shade it looked more metallic green, the jury is still out on this one for me, i don't dislike it, but i don't love it, but id wear it again if that makes sense lol

Pictures taken with Flash

Pictures taken with out flash

My Mani for Annie...Mwah, luvs ya xxxx

First id like to say, my  nails looks terrible here, id tried to shape them and it was a major fail....i cut way to short then filing them took more off and well lets say i just made a pigs ear of it lol

Id been having such a crappy week, id been ill for longer then id liked with stomach pain and i was feeling ugh, i was broke and the stupidest thing to do when I'm feeling sorry for myself and broke is look on eBay, id had my eye on this for a while after seeing other swatches of it, i liked the neutral colour with the red in it, i though it was very pretty and i wanted it.....there was only 2 left for sale on eBay and my lovely friend Annie said she would buy it for me and she made a sick girl happy......I've been meaning to add these photos a while, but i was ill for another week and a half after i received the polish so I'm only getting to it now.

It looked so different on my nails then it did in other photos id seen, i applied 3 layers to get a good coverage, the red bits in it did show up as well id hoped, but i still loved it.

Thank you so much Annie, i really appreciated you buying it for me, I'm so pleased i got to tick this of my wish list....

OPI You're a Doll 

Essence - Where's the party

I did a polish swap with Lucia of Jewels and Nails and she kindly sent me Essence Mini where's the party and oh my gosh its just so cool, i have to get the full size of this, its one of those polishes you have to put a couple of layer son, not because it needs it but to get the mix of colours it works better with maybe 3 layer which is what i have on.

I racked my brain for a way to describe this polish but all i could think of to describe it is ya know how you see oil or petrol spilled on the group and the sun hits it and it looks all pretty, well that how this polish looked, i took lots of photos because i wanted to catch just how awesome it is.....it certainly deserves a place on the top 10 list of awesomeness.

50's Girl Reloaded GIVEAWAY

These pretty lipsticks could be yours if you head over to Gone to rehab and enter her give away, her blog focuses on Cruelty free make-up which im sure you all suport, i know i do and to see a blog dedicated to to cruelty free products is so refreshing.....thank you


Dots and Stripes (Inspired by Kayla)

After id worn the Rimmel Hot List for a few days, i wanted to jazz it up and i was totally inspired by Kayla's Nails which she done for Polka Dot Monday you can check hers out HERE.... 

It was my Nephews 2nd birthday and i knew there would be a few of the kiddies mums at the party, so my thinking was, if i jazz my nails up then they will notice and i might get some booking to do their nails.....i Got lots of glances while out and about with this and il be doing it again in different colours.

So for this i used the Rimmel, Hotlist, Peppermint, Sky High and SpaRitual Hush,the green was an un-named cheap polish......