China Glaze - Lubu Heel's

 I had never seen this polish before...not china Glaze but Lubu Heels i mean, and i do love my dark Gothic vamp type polish so of course i fell in love with this one when i found it on EBay, i did a search for some swatches and it looked awesome in the photos, that glossy black and red flicker jut excited me.....i got in a bidding war with another bidder and i refused to be out bid because there was no more for sale on UK EBay, i ended up paying £17.32 plus £2.75 postage eeekkkkkkkkk....I know i know i paid way to much and its cheap in the US, well i didn't know this before hand so i was upset id paid SO much for it when someone could of got it for me for $3.00

Anyway, it arrived and may i add it took 2 weeks when i paid for next day delivery...after some review reading i read it was a jelly based polish which id never first thought was "ohhhhh its glossy" i wasn't pleased with the how watery it was, but after 3-4 layers i finally got the opacity i wanted, how ever it just looked black in normal lighting, well in any lighting really, it wasn't eye catching at all, and to see the red in it you had it look really close, so i was disappointed in it, i just wish it looked the same way in real life as it does when you take a photo with the flash.



  1. So pretty! I ALMOST got this yesterday but I remembered I had a NYX Girls en route to me, I think it's called Dorothy. So, I put this back.

  2. I love this polish! too bad you paid way too much for it, LOL!

  3. To screw i paid too much for it......but that was my own fault, ive since seen it on a few blog sales for $2 lol