Jesse's Girl - Glee

 This has to be my fave polish right now, I'm a HUGE Glee Geek and this is right up my ally and it super cheap at only $2.99 from Jesses's Girl Cosmetics and i want to thank Ashley from "Polished Components"for sending it in a swap

I took lots more photos of this then i normally do but that's because i fell so in love with it, i got plenty comments when i went shopping , I wore it for over a week, hmmm 2 weeks i think? this is the longest I've EVER worn a polish and it looked as good as the day i painted my  nails the day i sadly removed it.

The only downfall was id worn it so long it serious stained my nails, but i didn't care because i never go naked hehehe so it didn't matter, the only downfall to this is i cant buy it in the UK....and postage is a killer but if they sold it in the UK id have every bottle they sell.

If anyone has any of the Jesse's Girl polish (Any Colour) or has a RITE AID store who sells them and would be interested in a swap please let me know because i HAVE to have more of Jesses Gilr polish in my collection....ok enough mumbling on about it but it is AWESOME.

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