Sinful Color - Hot Spot

 Id been looking on line to purchase some Sinful Color polish, the polish is a great price but as we cant buy It here in the UK id have to pay 3 times the price of my polish order in postage alone, so i sulked a while, until the beautiful Amber Parker of "Rainbows & Sparkles" mentioned she was coming on holiday to visit her family-in-laws and if id like to give her a list of what colours i wanted she would go get them and bring them to the UK with her and post them to me, which means it wouldn't cost me to i gave a a list of the 8 id had my eye in which i posted pics of HERE and i think this one is my fave as it caught my eye first.

It took 3 coats for me to be happy with it, the brush was kinda mangled so i ended up having to switch brushes with one of the bottles i thought i wouldn't went on pretty well, a little streaky but the second coat fixed that, i guess i didn't need 3 layers but i always add one for good luck lol.

I was impressed at how fast it dried, especially for a cheaper polish....all in all its great value, and id definitely go to the trouble of getting my of the PAA gals to get me more.

Oh before i forget, i did have one problem with this polish but I'm not sure if it was the polish of my SV, but when i woke up the next day after painting my nails i had major tip shrinkage and I've never had it with an other polish apart from the Sinful Colors.

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  1. Pretty! Almost reminds me of OPI Yoga-Ta Get This Blue!

    I love Sinful, they are super cheap here in the states and any time I need a specific color, I know I can go find it!