Color Club revvvolution

 As is previously mentioned in another post Here i won a bottle of Funky Fingers and decided to swap it with Shel from Blinger nailsbecause it was on her wish she sent me Color Club revvvolution" but added a little Spectraflair to it.....i know eveyone one is all excited about the Spectraflair but i was disapointed, it didnt show up on my nails all that much, i guess i was expecting a POW of ever i did still like the Polish, it went on well, and lasted over a week.

On My nails this just looked silvery grey, the holo only showed up when i took pics with a flash.



  1. i think this looks really pretty still even if it doesnt scream holo! :)

  2. Oh don't get me wrong i do LOVE IT....dark grey is one of my fav colours.....and i so appreciate you sending it to me....