My Avon Order

 When i last bought Avon Nail polish it was when Avon was less known and cheaper then it is today, the polish wasn't that great in quality but it was cheap and cheerful.

These days Avon is much more well known and available and upped their quality by 100%, my mum and sister used to sell Avon but this was before my new found passion for my nails, but they gave it up about 7 months ago i wish id been i to polish then as id of got some great bargains from the Sellers book and not had to pay full price from the actual Avonbook.

Anyway my friend Mandy mentioned she had been given a book so i asked if i could take a look and i think i looked at the right time as there was a sale on their Nail wear pro line and instead of £5 a bottle it as £3 so i bought 4 to try.

I got  Deluxe chocolate, Modern Mauve, Night Violet and Gunmetal
and a Cuticle gel


  1. Wow, can't wait for your review on this.

    I used to use Avon products when I was younger and loved it. :)

    The Cat Hag

  2. i have a few avon nail polishes they are good

    shel xx

  3. I also own a few avon nail polishes and most of them are pretty good, but one (speed dry+)is so bad it doesn't last a day on my nails :(

  4. I haven't tried the speed dry yet mainly because once i got it i didn't care for the colour.