Avon's Nail wear Pro - Night Violet.

 Avon's Nail wear Pro, Night Violet.......This was a little darker then i expected, but it has a dark violet look with smaller more lighter glitter, i wasn't sure if i liked it, but the more i looked at it the more i warmed to it, but i do like me dark goth kinda looking polish, again i cant complain about it, i liked how it went on, and with a good top coat such as SV it lasted well over 5 days, i didn't give it chance to see how many days it would go with chipping because i didn't wear it long enough but it looked as good as new when i took it off


At your finger tips 300 follower give away

 I was going to add this give away to my side bar ---------> over yonder lol
BUT i wanted to show all that Devin is giving away and well i could do that unless i did a full posts.

At your finger tips is having a 300 follower give away, a bit for everyone i feel.....personally id like to win the Funky Fingers but go check out what's on offer and see what catches your fancy.

Scented Prize

All from Forever 21 - Love and Beauty
L-R: Raspberry, Rose, Green Tea, Freesia

Funky Fingers Prize

All Funky Fingers - Two Holo Glitters !
L-R: 220 Volts, Baby Baby Baby, Sand & Stilettos

A Taste of Each Brand Prize

One polish from four awesome brands!
L-R: Essie Too Too Hot, Studio M Sweet Dreams, Sally Hansen Blue-Away, NYC Persistent Putty

Oldies but Goodies Prize

All semi-old polishes :)
L-R: Sally Hansen Max Growth Faith, Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Fire Opal, Sally Hansen Teflon Tuff Wood Violet Creme, Sinful Colors Let Me Go


Jewels and Nails Essence Give-Away

 Jewels and Nails is having a Essence related Give away, and well we all love Essence polish well i know i do, i got and tried my first Essence Polish actually From Jewels and Nails in a swap we did recently and its deffo gone on my fave list so id love to own more of those babies especially the "Style me Holo" and the "Style for summer nights" 


The Brrrds Nest Give-Away

 Don't you just love give-away, especially when it has a little of everything in it, Alaina of The Brrrds Nest is having a give away which i think will draw lots of interest, and if you look below you will see why.

She also asked which of the items you are most excited about and well that's must be the hardest question any one's asked LMAO.......how do you choose from all of them?


AVON Nail wear Pro - Gun Metal

So a few of you ladies asked me when i was going to review the Avon polish i bought last week, well before id even added the post about buying the polish id already got to wear 2 so here is the Gun Metal

I think Ive already mentioned how impressed i was with the new brush, its better shaped for a faster application, which works well, it covers more or the nail so you don't end up making a mess so there is less to clean up around your cuticle area if you have a shaky hand like i do.

I must admit i love this colour, its more a dark silver  and it lasted well, i got a weeks wear from it with out any chipping, with only 2 coats.

Day light

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Jesse's Girl - Glee

 This has to be my fave polish right now, I'm a HUGE Glee Geek and this is right up my ally and it super cheap at only $2.99 from Jesses's Girl Cosmetics and i want to thank Ashley from "Polished Components"for sending it in a swap

I took lots more photos of this then i normally do but that's because i fell so in love with it, i got plenty comments when i went shopping , I wore it for over a week, hmmm 2 weeks i think? this is the longest I've EVER worn a polish and it looked as good as the day i painted my  nails the day i sadly removed it.

The only downfall was id worn it so long it serious stained my nails, but i didn't care because i never go naked hehehe so it didn't matter, the only downfall to this is i cant buy it in the UK....and postage is a killer but if they sold it in the UK id have every bottle they sell.

If anyone has any of the Jesse's Girl polish (Any Colour) or has a RITE AID store who sells them and would be interested in a swap please let me know because i HAVE to have more of Jesses Gilr polish in my collection....ok enough mumbling on about it but it is AWESOME.

 Natural Light

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Artificial lamp light


My Avon Order

 When i last bought Avon Nail polish it was when Avon was less known and cheaper then it is today, the polish wasn't that great in quality but it was cheap and cheerful.

These days Avon is much more well known and available and upped their quality by 100%, my mum and sister used to sell Avon but this was before my new found passion for my nails, but they gave it up about 7 months ago i wish id been i to polish then as id of got some great bargains from the Sellers book and not had to pay full price from the actual Avonbook.

Anyway my friend Mandy mentioned she had been given a book so i asked if i could take a look and i think i looked at the right time as there was a sale on their Nail wear pro line and instead of £5 a bottle it as £3 so i bought 4 to try.

I got  Deluxe chocolate, Modern Mauve, Night Violet and Gunmetal
and a Cuticle gel

Lacquered "Just because" Give-away

 The very kind and sweet Ju Juba from () is having a give-away and i personally think its for all the right reasons, its not to gain more followers or get more traffic to her site, but its just to show her thanks for those who has supported her..which is a great reason.

She has 4 prizes, and they are all listed below.

 1st Prize: Sally Hansen Salon Effect Nail Strips , NYC lip stain, NYC lip gloss, Sally Hansen Nail Polish ( Fashion Ave), NYC Eyeshadow


 2nd Prize:  Sally Hansen Salon Effect Nail Strips, NYC lip stain, NYC lip gloss, Sally Hansen Growth nail Gel, NYC Eyeshadow


 3rd Prize:  Sally Hansen Salon Effect Nail Strips, NYC lip stain, NYC lip gloss, Sally Hansen Strength Gel, NYC Eyeshadow


4th Prize: NYC cosmetics sponge, NYC eyelash curler, NYC Brush Kit, NYC Cheek Glow, Sally Hansen Lip Inflation, NYC Loose Face Powder (naturally beige), NYC bronzing powder, NYC shadow applicators.


China Glaze - Lubu Heel's

 I had never seen this polish before...not china Glaze but Lubu Heels i mean, and i do love my dark Gothic vamp type polish so of course i fell in love with this one when i found it on EBay, i did a search for some swatches and it looked awesome in the photos, that glossy black and red flicker jut excited me.....i got in a bidding war with another bidder and i refused to be out bid because there was no more for sale on UK EBay, i ended up paying £17.32 plus £2.75 postage eeekkkkkkkkk....I know i know i paid way to much and its cheap in the US, well i didn't know this before hand so i was upset id paid SO much for it when someone could of got it for me for $3.00

Anyway, it arrived and may i add it took 2 weeks when i paid for next day delivery...after some review reading i read it was a jelly based polish which id never used.......my first thought was "ohhhhh its glossy" i wasn't pleased with the how watery it was, but after 3-4 layers i finally got the opacity i wanted, how ever it just looked black in normal lighting, well in any lighting really, it wasn't eye catching at all, and to see the red in it you had it look really close, so i was disappointed in it, i just wish it looked the same way in real life as it does when you take a photo with the flash.


Sinful Color - Hot Spot

 Id been looking on line to purchase some Sinful Color polish, the polish is a great price but as we cant buy It here in the UK id have to pay 3 times the price of my polish order in postage alone, so i sulked a while, until the beautiful Amber Parker of "Rainbows & Sparkles" mentioned she was coming on holiday to visit her family-in-laws and if id like to give her a list of what colours i wanted she would go get them and bring them to the UK with her and post them to me, which means it wouldn't cost me to much.....so i gave a a list of the 8 id had my eye in which i posted pics of HERE and i think this one is my fave as it caught my eye first.

It took 3 coats for me to be happy with it, the brush was kinda mangled so i ended up having to switch brushes with one of the bottles i thought i wouldn't use..........it went on pretty well, a little streaky but the second coat fixed that, i guess i didn't need 3 layers but i always add one for good luck lol.

I was impressed at how fast it dried, especially for a cheaper polish....all in all its great value, and id definitely go to the trouble of getting my of the PAA gals to get me more.

Oh before i forget, i did have one problem with this polish but I'm not sure if it was the polish of my SV, but when i woke up the next day after painting my nails i had major tip shrinkage and I've never had it with an other polish apart from the Sinful Colors.

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