China Glaze - Tronica Digital Dawn

I'm slowly building up my China Glaze Trinicas (Thank you Samina) today's is Digital Dawn from the 2011 China Glaze Tronica Collection, i couldn't figure out what colour id like to say this is? Rusty copperish brown and a Dusky rose? what do you thing how would you describe the shade of this one? one thing i do know its identical to China Glaze 3d Fantasy, China Glaze TMI and maybe Sally Hansen Diamonds Golden Tourmaline but maybe that's a little more pink.

As with all the Tronicas i have they always go on patchy, it dries so fast you have to work fast, if you manage it you can get away with one layer, but i had to do 3 to even out the balding i got, it dries to a powdery finish, and for the FIRST time ever i never added a top coat, i liked the dull almost matte effect i got when it fully dried, i think the fact it dried so fast was why i didn't add my usual top coat of Sech Vite.

With out a top coat it did chip faster then id like, so i filled in the chip and added a top coat after 3 days, when i don't that i felt it dulled the holo effect a little and i found i liked it best with out the shiny look.

This will be a polish i will re use till its gone, those that know me know i don't normally do that lol but i have to admin I'm a huge lover of this one.

Urgh i broke my nails :(

I filed my nails down shorter because the sides stared to curl in and no matter what i did i couldn't fix them, i was happy with them once i had then all the same length and cleaned up, they went to long but not to short either, id say perfect and i was so happy i thought i might like to keep them at that length.

How ever Disaster struck and i broke the edge of my pointer finger on my left hand, i though hmmmm not to bad i can deal with that, then 10 minutes later i broke the other side off....i was like WTH, and i couldn't fix it....I have NEVER broken a nail in ohhhhh well over 12 months, so this is what i ended up with.......
See my pointer finger :( now to me it was VERY noticeable, it felt weird to me.

I want happy so i asked the girls in my nail polish group and they suggested filing them all down a little and i got carried away because i couldn't get a shape i was happy with and ended up doing a hack job and this is what I'm left with......Boy hand, I'm so upset, i don't want to paint my nails, i hoe this isn't the end of my obsession.

I know some of you may be saying "but they are not that short" but they look longer in the pic then they are in real life......Any suggestions on how i can grow them faster.....

OPI Designer Series - Shimmer

I got the best nail mail this week, for it being just one bottle it brought so much joy to my life, yeah that's right OPI DS Shimmer (Thank you Jacqueline) this stuff is like happiness in a bottle, it makes everything it touches holo and just delish.

This is 2 coats of DS Shimmer over OPI A Grape fit, i love how it changed the Grape fit from a Medium purple to a Lilac and as we have had a few nice sunny days this week in the UK my Holo had full effect...

Since these photos were took iv drastically files down my nails and looking at these photos I'm glad i did lol

So what do you think? Is Ds Shimmer on your wish list?

OPI - A Grape Fit

I was never a huge lover of purple, yet I've found I'm buying and swapping for more purples these days, so maybe my taste is changing, this is OPI A Grape Fit (Thank you Debbie) its a lovely medium purple creme, and i have noooo complaints.

It went on well but i did need 3 coats because its is a little on the shear side but once on it stayed on well, i didn't get my first chip for 4 days and that was my own fault (moving furniture around )  so a thumbs up from me...From all the swatches I've seen it differ in shade, but i guess that's down to the camera and flash, some times it looked a mid purple sometimes lighter or darker but its one of those shades i feel would go with any ones skin tone.

I tell you what i did like though, it came off so easily, one swipe and it was gone, I've never had that with other OPI's before


George by ASDA Nail Wraps.

I went in to ASDA last week and was browsing the George section cuz i wanted a new top, when i came across these nail wraps, they had a good selection and urgh as always i couldn't resist, so even though they where £4.00 to £4.50 i bought 2 packs of each design because i knew id need 2 packs in case i messed up and was stuck with no replacements.

For £4 they are really good quality, easy to work with and hardly any adjusting needed to fit, they stuck well and stayed in place, the only thing i didn't like was the smell, it was a plastic kind of smell that even after 48 hours i could still smell, but other then that these are great for the price.

This was my first go at ever using wraps so granted they are not as neat as id like and i took more of the top of my pointer finger with the file then i should lol but i got so many complements oh how pretty they looked.

So which is your favorite from the below wraps?

OPI Designer Series - Coronation

OK so my new love is OPI DS Coronation i got this from my Polish Swap group, (Thank you Rachel) 
 I spoke to a few people before getting and they seemed to be let down by the DS but i like ever i did get this thinking it was more holo then it is, but im not disappointed at all, it has a scattered holo look to it, but not in ur face which i like but the holo is there, plus those full on holos go to waste here in the UK cuz the weather isn't that great lol

It took 4 good layers to get the full coverage i like from my polish i was thinking i should of maybe used a base colour but each layer dried fast and wasn't patchy which for some reason i expected it to be? don't know why though....maybe cuz my last experience with a DS was that way?

Anyway those who know me, know i never wear a polish more then once if i don't love it....but this is one that will stay in my collection because i will wear it again for sure.

So do you have any of the DS polish? which do you have and do you like it?