Essie - Sweet Talker.

 Isn't this Lush, I got this in a swap with Ashley from "Polished Components" (Thank you Ashley) It's Sweet Talker from Essie, its a pale baby blue and in the bottle it has a pink shimmer how ever that shimmer doesn't show up on my nails....... at first i wasn't sure about it because after adding one layer it was very streaky and i knew it would take more then 2 layers to get it to look right, and yup it took 4 layers to get the opacity i wanted, how ever wow it lasted well, i don't know if its the quality of polish or the fact i had 4 layers on as well as 2 layers of SV

With out Flash

With Flash

So after a few days, as always i get bored, and i taped my nails off and added Rimmel Matte

Then for "Theme Monday" over at "Polish-aholics Anonymous" i added a flower stamp which was my first time at stamping.

So as you can see i got good use out of my Essie polish lol



  1. Hi Kellie love your blog, and like what you did with your nails!! I am passing on these awards to you congrats :D

  2. I love Sweet Talker and the white flowers make it so pretty!

  3. Well aren't you special. I gave you awards, too. ;)

    I love the matte w. the non-matted tips!

  4. Awwww thank you girls your very kind for awarding me those awards xxx