SpaRitual - Hush & Inner Sanctum

I was looking on ebay and i came across a sale for 2 SpaRitual polishes that no one seemed to be bidding on?  i added a small bid of £1,45 and though no more about it, as i knew i wouldn't win them for that because they are not that cheap to buy.......but Hold on to ya knickers i won, i was shocked, so i got both for £1.45 and £1.50 delivery........

I had every intention to add it to my swap list but after it arrived i looked at it and liked it more then i expected to, so i had a little play with it tonight and i loved it, the application brush is smaller then most polishes, but i liked that because it gave me more control and i found i could apply it much more neater reound my cuticle area, the first layer was streaky but the second layer went on with ease and covered perfectly.

Darker brown is Hush & the lighter brown is Inner Sanctum

I decided to add some dots alternating between the 2 colours.



  1. This is wild! I am loving the alternating colors and the dots!

  2. Thank you Thalie.....but the more i looked at in the more i didnt like the dots so ive re done my nails and im waiting for them to dry now.