My First China Glaze Polish

I bought my first ever bottle of China Glaze, i don't even care for the colour much but i HADF to buy it because it was only £1.22 and £0.60 to deliver....It took a while to come, and i had to contact the seller about it, but then i felt bad because she explained how she had been ill and unable to get to the post office, but would try her best to get it sent to me, which god bless her heart she did and today it arrved just 2 days after i asked her about  had been used but id say only twice and il have to clean the bottle neck a little but i now own a bottle of China Glaze, how cools that LMAO.....Doesn't take much to excite me.



  1. Great find! I love a bargain x

  2. Oh god deffo cant beat a bargain x