My first attempt at Flowers

 I'm a huge Rimmel fan, as some might know, i have every colour they sell, and when they bring new ones out i normally purchase a few bottles, like this one, its Called Grey Matters, and its kind of in my top ten or fave shades, plus when i wear this one people seem to notice it and comment on how nice it is......................This is 2 coats but you can deffo get away with 1, and i love any polish i can get a good covering with 1 layer, plus its a 60 second dry fast polish so if your in a hurry you can put 1 coat on and be out the door in a jiffy.

As always i hate plain painted nails, i feel naked unless i have some sort of design on them, and search for hours looking for ways to jazz them up .... id seen a tutorial on making flowers and wanted to give it a go, I'm not to good at it, but as it was my first go i was pleased with the result, my only upset was i wish id used Clear or diamond gem stones and not the coloured ones.

I used:
Rimmel-Grey Matters & BarryM Matt White and good drenching of seche vite



  1. ohh so pretty! I want you to come do my nails!!!

  2. lol It's funny how you say you hate plain painted nails, and that you feel naked without having some sort of design on them. I really wish I was as creative as you are! All I do are plain painted nails. Maybe if I was a little bit more patient, I probably would have done a decent design of some sort. Yours turned out so nice!

  3. Don't get me wrong Huda, i like the look off plain painted nails on others, especially if they a shimmer polish just not on me, and i can just about manage to do my left hand quite neat but my right hand turns out a mess lol.

    Thanks for the blog link im off for a peak now.

  4. Your flowers turned out very pretty!

  5. I like the colour gems with the grey polish :]

  6. You did such a good job! They are so pretty!