Naked Nails #1

 I went to visit my sister the other week and she commented on how my nails (Painted) looked like acrilic and not my own, i assured her they were all mine (i think she thought they were fake because up until about 9-10 months ago i was a avid biter, practically to the wick)she investigated and agreed they were mine lol.......My nephew over heard us and mentioned how ugly my nails were with out polish....i cant remember his exact words but it was to the effect of "you wanna see the state of then" so yes hands up my nails are SO bad with out polish i doubt il ever be able to get away with naked nails ever again unless i chop then off and well im not likely to be doing that any-time soon.
If ANYONE has any good clean up methods and ive used a few.....Acetone, lime/Lemon juice, whitening toothpaste etc PLEASE contact me and let me know.



  1. Apparently denture cleaning tablets are good for getting rid of staining. You just dissolve a couple in water and soak your nails for a bit, never tried it myself though! I don't think your nails are bad at all though!

  2. Oh il give it a to find someone with Dentures lol.........

    My nails may not seem that bad but are deffo to bad to go with out polish, even when i buff them they look yukk to me.

  3. mine are worse i think! haha. the tips of mine are not near as white! and the rest is just sooooo yellow.