my mystery purchase from ebay.

I was looking on ebay and came across this pretty polish, il admit it was the bottle that caught my eye, i added it to my "Watch List" and wet back and forth looking at it, i wanted it but wasnt sure what make it i asked the gilr over at Polish-aholics and they said they thought it was a copy of Nfu OH bottles, a few said they have seen dupes of Nfu Oh bottles but never in Gold, so i contacted the seller and they said it wasnt a Brand name it was somthng they made up to sell but can assure me the quilty is good and i would be happy with my purchase" so i bought it and WOW i was not disappointed, well not with the polish, the bottle Neck was cracked but im putting that down to the postage systems heavy hand.......

The polish went on good, it spreads the large glitter particles easy and you get a mixer of cololurs and not just lots of the same, it also has smaller silver glitter which goes on in just the right amount, it dries fast and the glitter sticks well, i was consened about the rough feeling and though it m coay catch on things, but after just 1 coats of SV it became smooth and i have to same  im in love, so freespace-888 your polish ROCKS thank you for making my nails look like a sparkly disco ball that will catch the eye of everyone who sees my nails......If you would like to check out this polish you can visit freespace-888 ebay store HERE



  1. wow! That's bling-tastic!

  2. This Glitter is Beautuful!!! I love all the larrge different color glitter. This is a must have!